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Enicar project is moving

Here is our first update about the Enicar Le Mans Racing project... We haven't settled on the exact name yet, but let’s recap a bit of the story so far.

Five years ago, in 2018, we came across a series of 10 Enicar cases from the 1960s-1970s. This discovery was more of an opportunity than a planned project. We thought there might be a chance to create something special with them.

After several attempts, the cases ended up at the back of our stockroom. It seemed too complex to find the original components, and the project was temporarily shelved.

June 2023, we stumbled upon a small ad selling Enicar Cal 161 movements... Wow, this was the perfect opportunity to reignite the project!

During the summer of 2023, we started searching for original dials but didn't have much success. Enicar had produced so many different models, and the cost of original dials was prohibitive for this type of watch.

By the end of Summer 2023, we finally found a dial manufacturer willing to produce a limited series. This led us into the design phase, a completely new endeavor for us. With the support and advice of experts, we managed to move into pre-production.

Today, we've received our first set of dials for case fitting (emboitage)!!! We're excited to see how it will all come together next week.

StepH & Louis

Note :
We also want to extend a sincere apology to Enicar collectors and aficionados. Our approach is deeply rooted in respect for this esteemed brand. Please understand that it's not our intention to replicate an official NOS (New Old Stock) model, which is why we're labeling these pieces as Enicar by LMH. Our goal was to revive these sleeping masterpieces, giving them new life and preventing their disappearance. 

As enthusiasts of vintage items ourselves, we appreciate the importance of using original parts. However, this project presented a unique situation, and we chose a different path. We understand this might not align with traditional restoration principles, and for that, we ask for your understanding and forgiveness.